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Do These 7 Things If You Want To Clear Up Your Skin


For the longest time, I didn’t know anything about skincare. Until I was 18, I used a face wash that my mom was also using. When my acne didn’t clear up, I got into an unhealthy routine of trying so many different face washes and acne spot-treatment products. My skin was unhappy and honestly, I was too.

My college-freshman self was so insecure and so frustrated with my skin, so I finally went to a dermatologist. With the face wash she recommended, my skin cleared up so fast.

Now, at age 22, I’ve learned what works best for my skin type. I know that my dry skin needs to moisturize a lot more than a person with oily skin has to. The same acne spot treatment that everyone else is obsessing over doesn’t work for me.

If you want to clear up your skin, this is what you need to do.

1. Figure out what works for you.

Whether if you want to go to a dermatologist or just want to explore a handful of skincare products, you have to take the time to figure out what works for you. What’s your skin type? What are you doing to make it feel fresh and clean?

If you are able to go to a dermatologist (or if you want to!), they’ll be able to analyze your face and figure out what you should be using. If you prefer experimenting, that’s totally okay, just commit to it.

You have to give some time to this process and figure out what your skin likes and dislikes.

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